Washington REALTORS® provided a new online clock hour class covering new laws that will directly impact the supply of housing at the local level.

The webinar included a focus on current issues at the local level impacting housing supply, land use, and water rights. Over the past two years, REALTORS® state legislative priorities have included improving the Growth Management Act Buildable Lands Process (SB 5254); overruling the Supreme Court’s Hirst water supply/wells decision to ensure rural water supply (SB 6091); and providing incentives for cities to increase housing supply and urban density (HB 1923). Over the next four years, these bills will be implemented at the local government level and provide significant real estate opportunities for landowners and REALTORS® at the local level. In addition, the UW Ruckleshaus Center’s Report on the 25th Year of the Growth Management Act will influence future changes to housing and land use at the state and local level.

The webinar covered the following:

  • 2019 HB 1923 – Increasing Housing Supply and Urban Density, Implementation at the Local Level
  • 2018 SB 6091 – Ensuring Water for Rural Development, Implementation at the Watershed Level and Ecology Rulemaking
  • 2017 SB 5254 – Implementing the Improved GMA Buildable Lands Process
  • UW Ruckelshaus Center 25th Year of Growth Management Act Report

This class took place Tuesday, December 10th but they received a lot of requests to have access to the recording after the webinar was over. It can be found below. We encourage you to take a few hours to watch this video and familiarize yourself with the legislation that is directly impacting our community and our industry.

Registration and attendance was required to receive clock hours – no clock hours will be granted for viewing the webinar after the air date. This material is dated 12/10/2019 and does not include any updates made after this date. This information does not constitute legal counsel or express or imply any warranty or guarantee. For questions about this material, contact Bill Clarke at bill.clarke@warealtor.org or Jeanette McKague at jeanette.mckague@warealtor.org.

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