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Agent NameContact PhoneOffice NameOffice Phone
Bair, Jeremy 509-933-4499Appraisal Source Northwest509-933-4499
Fuehrer, Trent 509-248-2684Yakima Federal Savings & Loan (Yakima)509-248-2684
Matthews, Joe 509-930-1430Matthews Real Estate Appraisal509-452-6447
Neubauer, John A509-949-9800Jan Appraisals, LLC.509-949-9800
Schramm, David 509-833-5154A & A Appraisal, Inc.509-469-1777
Spencer, Jr, Kenneth H509-628-0940Spencer Appraisal Service509-628-0940
Stephens, Matt 509-306-9088Mid State Appraisal Services, Inc.509-925-1331
Timm, Jason 509-248-2634Yakima Federal Savings & Loan (Yakima)509-248-2684
Wickham, Jeffrey 916-780-2525Valligent, Inc.916-780-2525
Yeager, Bobbie D509-965-4610Preferred Appraisal Service509-965-4610